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neil_gaiman's Journal

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Neil Gaiman Community
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This is a community for fans of author Neil Gaiman. Just a place for people to talk about his any/all of his work or signings/conventions/meetings plus discuss anything else they like.

"All the songs I have written for the mice to play go oompah oompah. But the white mice will only play toodle oodle, like that. I am thinking of trying them on different types of cheese."

--the Mad Old Man Upstairs, Coraline

The rules are very simple -- play nice and respect one another. There's no limits on posting but try not to spam the comm repeatedly as it only makes the rest of us annoyed. Also, please don't use this as a forum to sell your Neil related stuff. LJ frowns on that kind of thing -- a simple post saying you have stuff for sale and people can contact you privately would be appreciated.

This is a wank-free zone. Please leave all drama in your own LJs.

This comm is now moderated until further notice. If you need to contact the mod for any reason, you can email her at ragdoll@livejournal.com

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