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Thanks/Well-wishes to Neil Gaiman

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I am accepting contributions of thanks and/or well-wishes to Neil which will be written down on pieces of paper and put in a bag. I hope to give this bag full of fans' words to him at the Singapore Nov 1 talk. Please include a name to sign with; otherwise, I will accept your lj name.

Just comment here and I will write your messages down. If you have any suggestions for me, please go ahead.

EDIT: this comm doesn't allow anonymous comments, so anyone who doesn't have an LJ account can go here to post their message. If you prefer to use DeviantArt, this is the relevant entry.

SON OF EDIT: I'm not accepting any more messages because it's D-Day and I'm going out with no access to the internet. See y'all at the talk.

GRANDSON OF EDIT: Anyone wondering how it went, please see the relevant entry at my journal.

Graveyard Book Party (Punta Gorda, FL)

Hello everyone!

I am new to this community, but have been a NG fan since the last century. I own an independent bookstore in Southwest Florida. On October 24th, 2009 my bookstore will be hosting a Graveyard Book Party | Danse Macabre, in honor of The Graveyard Book and, of course, this transitional time of year which will reach its climax on the Eve of All Saint's Day. If you are in the area, please consider attending (in costume, s'il vous plait). For more details, or if you would like to help with the party setup, click the link below.

Formal Invitation to the Sandman Book Company Graveyard Party