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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

The Graveyard Book

I really felt I need to share this, so here I am.

A couple of days ago I finished The Graveyard Book. I had SO much fun reading it and since I was reading only before I went to bed, I was looking forward to it every night. It became my - let’s use an ugly word here- it became my routine. I really really liked that little boy. He became my friend, my companion just before I’d slip in dreamland. Halfway through the book I realized why it had been compared to The Secret Garden. My favorite book as a child! The Graveyard Book gave me the same feelings, the same kind of excitement, same sense of adventure, same sadness and the same kind of joy.  I am not going to analyze it or talk more about it here since there might be some who haven’t had the pleasure of reading this masterpiece yet and I do not want to spoil to for them. I just wanted to say that now I finished it and I got a little sad. As if I lost a friend.

Therefore, I almost immediately started reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Now, although I LOVE the language they are using and I love the humor and the philosophy. It started somewhat dry. I guess I wasn’t ready for a comedy yet.

I have read the intro and first chapter but my head keep on drifting to that graveyard and its mysteries and I just can’t concentrate.

So, here is my question, to you all Gaiman friends and fiction freaks like me; What would be the best book, to follow The Graveyard Book?

I am sure that Good Omens is a great book, I can already see WHY I am going to like it. However, let me put it this way, it is as if drinking orange juice right after you brushed your teeth. Not the greatest feeling is it? However, that doesn’t mean you don’t like orange juice; but perhaps it means you must wait a little longer.

So, is there out there someone with a suggestion for lil’ ol’ me?




Alexandra N.S.

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