Fangirl Extraordinaire (flipperland) wrote in neil_gaiman,
Fangirl Extraordinaire

help_haiti fanfic offer!

(Mods, please delete this post if this isn't allowed.)

help_haiti is a fandom auction community with the goal of raising funds for the horrible tragedy happening in Haiti. You can contribute with pretty much anything: fanfic, fanart, food, jewelery, other goodies-- and others will bid on your offering, and donate the money of said bid to one of the many Haiti help/charity organizations.

I'm contributing with fanfic for two of Gaiman's works: Good Omens and The Graveyard Book, and you can find my thread here. I'm also offering fic for other fandoms.

The auctions end tomorrow. Take a look through all the offers and please consider joining in, everyone! ♥
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