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Vote for Merv!

I've been a Merv fan for a long time and made a costume of him for this Halloween (well, actually for SDCC, but I also wore it for Halloween). I'm very proud of it, and entered it into a costume contest at my local comic store.
Which I am currently losing. D: To Hit Girl.

Merv needs some love! Click here (Warning: This is on Facebook) and please like the picture of me as Merv. Each like is a vote for the awesomeness that is the Janitor of the Dreaming!

And for those of you without Facebooks, here are pictures of me with my costume.

Audiobook contest...

 There is currently a really lovely opportunity available to enter for a chance to be cast in an anniversary edition audiobook for American Gods.
I decided to join the audiobook contest.... please check out my reading here, and vote if you like it:
Thanks for your support! I love reading many of his stories at home and very much enjoy reading aloud. Having a chance to work on this project would be amazing!

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Endless Pewter set :]

I took this photo today and edited it...

thought yall would enjoy!

a pewter figurine from the 10th anniversary Endless Sandman set.

this is Desire.

photographed with a Nikon D40 & AF-S DX NIKKOR
35mm f/1.8G lens.
edited in Lightroom 2.
photoshopped with brushes in Photoshop CS4.

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